Selling your "Home for the Holidays"

There are some long standing myths surrounding home sales and the holiday season.  While the holidays aren’t the most convenient time to “Deck the Halls” with a buyer in mind, there are many advantages to putting your house on the market now as opposed to waiting until the ever-popular spring selling season!


·      Purposeful Buyers

While a majority of people are cozying up next to a warm fire enjoying the season, buyers who are out looking are usually serious and possibly working against a deadline. Oftentimes there’s an expiring lease, a relocation, or a contract on their current home. 


·      Competition Dries Up

For the same reasons that you are wanting to wait until spring, so is everyone else. The market will be flooded with new listings and yours will be one in a sea of many.  Wouldn’t you rather be a big fish in a small pond?  With decreased listings and serious buyers your listing has a chance to be noticed. 

·      Time Off

Even though there are holiday gatherings galore, shopping to be done, and cooking and cleaning for those holiday guests, most people have less demanding schedules around the holidays or more time off during a normal work week.  This is especially the case for those relocation buyers.  January is often a time when employees begin new jobs and only have a short time to find their home before the new year.

·      Bringing out the Best in your Home

While some sellers worry that they can’t decorate for the holidays, this isn’t the case.  I don’t’ know about you, but my house usually looks amazing during the holiday season, and I wish it was acceptable to rock the holiday décor all year long! While a “less is more” philosophy is important to follow, and anything religious should be avoided, a tasteful, cozy, inviting home decked out for the holidays can make a buyer feel an emotional connection to your home and pay your asking price.  

·      The Internet Has No Holidays

Today’s buyers are doing the bulk of their home searches online, and most are notified constantly about listings that match their search parameters.  This means that the most critical aspect of listing your home (no matter when you decide to do it) is to work with an experienced real estate agent. 

 It is crucial that your online listing shows your home in its best light. An experienced agent will help you with your staging, provide professional photography, and include twilight shots of the exterior all lit up. These are the key ingredients to attract those serious buyers and get showings for your home.

While selling your home during the holidays isn’t for everyone, or for every situation, many find that having their home sold before the market heats up in the spring is the best way to move into the new year!

From all of us here at Leading Luxury Exerts ~we hope you have a wonderful Holiday season!