Thinking of Selling your Home in the Spring? Now is the time to get Started!


The Arizona housing market differs from other area markets due to our weather patterns, and the lack of frost bite, snow shoveling, and winter coats!  The best season to sell your home begins in the spring and lasts through the early summer.  Since the weather is at its best here in the spring, there are more potential buyers visiting to get out of the cold and to enjoy some of our best activities like the Phoenix Open, spring training games, car shows, etc, and then they just fall in love!  The decide they must purchase a home here in our sunny and beautiful state.  This is why sellers choose to capitalize on the many buyers who will be out looking with intention and sometimes a short window of time! In the case of supply and demand, usually the more inventory means lower prices, but this isn’t the case in real estate.  When it comes to selling your home, the prices are highest when there are more homes for sale.  It is also the time when you are more likely to get a better valuation for your home. Appraisers calculate your home value by utilizing comparable properties to yours.  Since there are more homes listed and sold for higher prices during the spring, your home will typically have a more favorable valuation than in the fall or winter.  According to the statistics in the Arizona Regional MLS, the best time to sell a home in our valley is typically between March and July.  


If you’ve made the decision to sell in the spring, this is the perfect time to begin readying your home for listing.  We consulted with Ahwatukee resident and owner of Agave Staging, Sandy Salazar. She is a partner on our team who offers complimentary staging consultations and analysis for our sellers when they choose to list with us. Here are some of her best tips to be sure your house is show ready before it goes to market:


Ø Be prepared- You’re going to make a big mess before it all comes back together.  It’s a fact that you’re moving.  Now is the time to decide what will be going with you and what it is time to part with.

Ø Begin with the end in mind- When you are ready to list your home, you will want it to be sparkling clean, light and bright, open, and spacious, but also homey and inviting.

Ø Start with closets, garage, and storage areas-  These are the spaces you are most likely to store items that you haven’t seen in a while. This should be the time to throw away, donate, sell, or keep.  Separate into piles and get rid of the throw away and give away items.  Plan your next garage sale or post your items of value on a website like craigslist or Ahwatukee 411 Buy and Sell. Start boxing up some of the items you intend to keep. This will make your move easier when the time comes.

Ø Begin attending to minor repairs and improvements – If not they will come back to haunt you! Home inspectors will find those pesky repairs that you’ve been putting off, so it is much better to take care of them up front so they are a non-issue. 

Ø Freshen and update your style-  Buyers want updates, so if you’ve been thinking of doing some minor updating, now is the time.  Things like updating light fixtures, worn out door hardware, faucets that won’t clean up, worn out appliances and more should be done before you ever list your home. Sometimes a fresh coat of neutral paint on those heavy faux or overly bright walls will go a long way in terms of helping buyers to picture themselves in the home. It also can make a big difference to begin purchasing things for your new home and using these to give your space a fresh appeal. New towels, bedding, rugs and pillows are all items that you will keep, but it will make a big impression on a buyer.

Ø Don’t forget the outside- Curb appeal is the first impression that will set the tone for how a buyer perceives your home.  Attend to out of control landscape and give it a chance to grow back and fill in. Trees should be thinned out, dead leaves and branches removed, and add fresh plants and flowers.  Look for wood rot and areas that need painted and get it done ahead of time.


Consider consulting with our team as soon as possible to create a road map to help you prioritize what needs to be done to ready your home for the market.  With a proven track record of selling homes in Ahwatukee since 1995,  we will help guide you to the right choices, and make this cumbersome process more manageable.  With our staging for excellent show presence, professional photographer to capture high resolution images, and our top producing Ahwatukee team, you will be in good hands.  In the end, a higher sales price and a quicker sale are what you can expect to achieve.  Our team here at Leading Luxury Experts would love to have an opportunity to make the process as smooth and lucrative as possible for you.  Contact us for a listing appointment today!